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Boyton School Council

School Council - September 2018/2019

Chair - Lola

Vice Chair - Toby

Secretary - Amity

Treasurer - Maisie

Councillors - Grace, Zak, Macey-Rae and Olivia

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School council - September 2018:


 In the school council we have 8 members and we control many things and have discussions with the staff.  This goes towards the school;  every meeting we discuss this with all our class members and tell them what we have suggested. In the school council there are currently 1 chairman, 1 Vice chairman, 1 treasurer, 1 secretary and 2 councillors. With these roles we believe we can have a strong and decisive council which is best for our school community. Some adventurous ideas come out from the council but mainly necessary. Although we make decisions our meetings are held by the Head Teacher and the Chairperson. Moreover we discuss how we could improve our school or add anything in. The meeting agenda is always located on the school council board. This helps us to decide what to talk about before the meeting.


All of our school council members are fully committed to their role in the council. Even if you are a ks1 member of the school you may have a chance of being in the council. The best thing is you can go undercover and know about everything that’s going on behind the scenes. If you are not part of the council and you want to put your idea forward, suggest it to a councillor. The councillors are very friendly and will put your ideas forward to the other members.    


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The School Council