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Sports Impact 2018 /2019

Sports Action Plan 2018/2019

Sports Premium at Boyton Primary School


On this page you will find all the relevant information with regard to our allocation, how we plan to spend it this academic year and a statement outlining the impact of the funding from last year.

Friday 23rd Novemeber 2018, Football tournaments mixed age groups.

Sports Premium - Outline of spending and intended impact statement 16/17

Sports Premium - Impact Statement for 15/16

Sports Premium Statement of Sustainability 16/17


Future budget expenditure from future grants will continue to:

  • Provide external high quality sports coaching to enable teachers to continue to develop their quality first teaching in this subject to ensure that PE education is of the highest possible standard moving forward. The 2-year plan is to ensure that in the event of sports premium funding ceasing, sports provision at the point of delivery continues to be of the quality that motivates and engages children in sports provision whilst continuing to develop high levels of skill and fitness.
  • 16/17 allocation has enabled the establishment of small school sports tournaments hosted by the school - 5 across the year. These have been well received and are regularly attended by 5+ schools in an array of sports. This will continue into next year and are becoming established on the calendar.
  • 16/17 funding alongside targeted funding in 17/18 is being used to establish a Saturday/ Sunday football club for girls initially in the local area. Links have already been established with girls teams from other areas and weekly sessions are to be augmented by regular fixtures as the programme develops until it is self-sustaining. This has been the purpose behind the purchasing of football posts etc out of the 16/17 grant.
  • Expenditure from 16/17 is having a big impact on access to sports due to the purchasing of improved equipment and high quality resources. School is looking at gaining a school sports award or accreditation in 17/18.
  • Fitness and basic sport skill level continues to improve for the children and this is developing an increasingly embedded culture of the enjoyment and engagement of sport across all age ranges.