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Visions and Values



Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils to be confident, happy citizens. The children here at Boyton and what is right for them, remain the central focus for all staff and members of our school community at all times.


Ethos and Vision Statement


Our attitude to school life for the children who come here is enshrined in our vision statement created with staff and children:


'Learning Together, Determined to Succeed, Respecting Differences'


We strive to give our children the opportunity to be independent and resilient learners, who experience the fun, enjoyment and achievement that a quality education offers. Irrespective of starting point or size of challenges faced, we ensure that as a school, we give the children the scope to maximize their potential throughout each and every school day.


Within an environment that offers children appropriate learning challenges whilst being supportive and nurturing, we find that our children really enjoy their educational experiences here at Boyton.


"It's the best school EVER!" Hannah (Year 5)

"We always give everything we do 100% effort." Jack (Year 6)

"Boyton School is WICKED!" Kristian (Year 2)

"My child has never enjoyed school so much as they do at Boyton, I'm so very glad we moved him here." (Parent of a child in Year 4)


Respecting Ourselves and Each Other


Quality relationships are evident here at school, based on the principles of mutual respect and trust. Children respond to the clear and high expectations that school has of them and, in turn, that they have of all the adults who work in our school. There are simple rights and expectations that all members of our school community, adults and children, have. These are:


  • The right to be heard and listened to
  • The right to feel valued and respected
  • The right to learn
  • The right to achieve and succeed
  • The right to be included


At Boyton, we have three Core Values - Empathy, Respect, Politeness

In each assembly on Friday we award badges to 'champions' who are nominated by the teachers, staff and children for being people who truly demonstrate an promote one or more of these core values.


We hope this gives you a sample of what we believe in. Our school often gets complimented on its 'feel' of happiness and engagement and we continually reflect upon this with these values and visions.