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Absence Procedures

Absence Procedure 


If your child is too ill to attend school, or is going to be absent for another reason, please ring the school office before 8.50am. If there is no one to take your call, please leave a message on the answer phone. 


At Boyton School, we take safeguarding of the children who attend, as our highest priority. In order that we ensure children are safe at all times, we will follow the following procedure if we are not contacted regarding a child's absence.


Registration closes at 9.05am. At this time, if a child is absent and no contact has been made regarding this, a phone call home will be made to;

     - the first contact given

     - in the case of no response from the first contact, the second contact will be called. 

     - if by 9.15am, no reason for the child's absence can be clarified, the school will ring the emergency contact number

     - if by 9.20am, no reason has been established why a child is absent, the school will phone County support lines for advice and to make them aware of the situation. 


Please note, it is the responsibility of parents and carers to notify school of a child being absent BEFORE 8.50am when the school day begins. This is an essential measure we take to ensure the safety of all children.