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Children have only 190 school days in a year, and at Boyton Primary School, we believe that each one is important to enable every learning opportunity to be maximised. Research shows that excellent attendance and punctuality improves children’s life chances and future successes.

We also know that for a child to gain most from their education, it is essential that parents/carers work in partnership with the school to achieve this. We understand that sometimes children have minor  illnesses and maybe are too sick to attend school. In this case, parents/carers have a responsibility to notify the school on the first day of absence. 


Please ring Mrs Wood, our school secretary before 9:00am on 01566 772484.


If an acceptable reason for absence is given the absence may be marked as “authorised”. We ask our parents/carers to follow this procedure every day, not just the first day of absence, (except when your child is admitted into hospital or has a long-term illness).


As a school, we are striving to enable all children to benefit from great attendance (above 96%) and excellent punctuality. Please refer to the flow chart below to see the procedure that school will adopt if a child's attendance slips below this.