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Parent Forum Meeting Minutes

Parent Forum meeting - 30th January 2020

Parent Forum meeting minutes - 29th March 2019

Parent Forum Meeting Minutes - 25th January 2019


Lunchtimes - Can we check packed lunches and yoghurt pots disgarded please?  

KM agreed that we will now feed back to JR and VS that yoghurt pots can be thrown away.


PTA - Agreed spending from PTA fund - any spending to be passed by the PTA - Request forms to be looked into and provided so that they are filled out by a member of staff to be given to PTA members to be agreed.


In a Sceince class, pupil missed out on doing circuits experiment.  Teacher promised that he would get a chance but this never materialised.

AR to feed back to all staff so that aware that all children need to have chance to complete the practicals.


Classes seem to be going in a little late in the morning from the playground.

AR to feedback to all teaching staff to ensure punctuality.


Are all surfing lessons going to be happening in school time?  Where are they going?

AF answered questions re the surfing and highlighted that a letter will be going out nearer the time to give all the details.


Parking was raised as an issue.

To put in the newsletter for 1.2.19.


Nursery - Government account being set up?

AR to ask GF to follow this up.


AF raised the subject of a parent internet safety talk to be looked into in light of recent evidence that some children are playing computer games that are for 12 or 18 year olds.  Advice sought on when would be good for this.  One parent highlighted that it is not so much when they are but it is good if there is a lot of notice so arrangments can be made for childcare, work etc.


Maths teaching methods - sometimes unsure of correct way to explain something to their children.

AF/AR suggested that some Maths workshops would be helpful and will look to set a date for the 2nd half of the Spring term.


Class 2 homework sheets - is there one that has been handed out this term?

AR to check with TK/NN.



Sports fixtures - are there any set up yet?

AR to check with TK










Parent Forum Meeting Minutes - 21st September 2018

- Beach trip - will it be going ahead in the future?

- Yes - in the Spring or Summer term of this academic year.


- Are there any other trips planned? 

- Class 2 have their war museum trip in November and Miss Ritchie is currently looking into a trip for Class 1.  Also, the annual pantomime trip is being planned.


- Will there be swimming lessons again this year in January?

- Yes but under new regulations as to how Sports Premium money is spent, we are currently looking at the options for this and will keep parents updated.


- Teaching timetable - who is teaching and when?

- We can produce this for each class.

- We will also arrange a meet the staff session where new members of staff will be introduced to you.


- Is Mrs Drake only working with selected students?

- Yes, those with need for emotional and social needs/support.


- Behaviour Policy?

- New one currently being developed.


- PTA 

- Meeting being set up soon in near future.


AF - asked if parents would like a residential for solely Boyton pupils.  We will send out a letter to gauge interest.


Next meeting will be Friday 2nd November 2018.