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Summer Term - Day 27

Good Morning All.


As you can imagine at this time of uncertainty, we are constantly reviewing the situation and proposed plan for the possible re-opening of the school to key year groups on the 1st June. We will be awaiting government confirmation as to whether the key tests they have set out will be met and indeed, if this opening is going to take place. Like you all, I am following the news with interest! 


The plan taking into account the children, advice and guidance from parents, Department of Education, Government and all school stakeholders is a significant undertaking. We will have a finalised plan of how we can best meet these needs of all concerned in the circumstances by the beginning of next week. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always I will update you as soon as I can and try to address your questions.


Today at 2pm, Mrs Cook will be live on Facebook, to continue reading to the children live, please join her if you can.


Thank you to the children of both schools for being continually brilliant!


Best wishes 


Mr Fugill