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Summer Term - Day 26

Good morning all!


Mrs Cook will be reading on Facebook today at 2pm, please do join her if you can.


Also, please keep the amazing photos and work coming in, we have all been so impressed.


We are continuing to plan for the government proposed opening for key year groups on June 1st. Starting today and across the coming days and into next week, I will be meeting virtually with each year group separately of each school separately so the children can ask me questions directly. The class teachers will be setting these up over the coming days. It is hugely important to me that the children ask what they need to and share any worries or thoughts they have. 


We will release the proposed plan soon so as parents and carers you have all the information you need to make the decision that is right for you and your family. I will be also holding another video Q & A next week. 


We await developments on this from the government as to a definitive decision, but please be assured that both schools are and will be fully prepared if instructed to open.


Best wishes


Mr Fugill