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Summer Term - Day 22

Good morning all!


A couple of reminders to begin with. I will be on a live video Q & A session tomorrow on Facebook at 9.15am. I will be outlining the current planning, the thinking behind it and getting your further thoughts and input. 

Mrs Cook will be reading at 2pm again today.


Keep an eye out on the Facebook page over the coming days as we set out our challenges for next week. Online learning will also be available as we know this works well for many children and families, but we are giving the children a more diverse range of options for next week as we know many of them would welcome a break from home learning in it's more structured form. 


The staff and I continue to work on plans for trying to move forward in the coming weeks and months and we share your concerns. We will continue to strive to make this the best we can for the children.


I am always available in email if you have anything you wish to raise or discuss as are all the staff. 


Again, thank you for your continued support.


Mr Fugill