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Summer Term - Day 21

Good morning everyone!


Thank you so much for the 50+ responses we have had to the questionnaire regarding the government's phased opening proposals.

These are highly important in planning and we as a staff met last night (via video) as two schools and we too share many, many of your concerns. 

We will now seek further advice and plan on how we can best meet those concerns in the most effective way possible as we can. I will meet on a live Q & A on Facebook to update you with the progress in this and to provide more information to keep you informed at each and every stage of the process.


The teachers have also decided that next week, we will be offering a series of fun challenges from each of them. You can choose to do these instead of learning packs if you wish as I know some children need a break, or if you want to, you can do them as well as learning packs or not at all. They will be appearing on Facebook then on the websites for each school. We are also hoping that most of the challenges will be self sufficient in nature, or that is the plan at least, to help out with a break from the undoubted challenge and demands of home learning!

A child can do as many or as few of the challenges as they like, we just ask you send in a picture or video!


Mrs Cook will be reading James and the Giant Peach at 2pm today on Facebook. 


Don't forget that you will now at both schools be receiving emails from teacher inviting you to video assemblies and online live learning sessions. These vary for each class, so please do check emails and messages regularly.


Finally, I wanted to again extend my thanks and appreciation of all the efforts parents, carers and children are putting in at this time.

I am so very proud of all of you, but especially the children. They continue to stagger me with how well they are coping and staying as positive as they can. You really are superheroes!


I hope you find the updates each day useful. I am committed to keeping you informed and fully updated with all the thinking, planning and challenges we face in this time and I thank you for your engagement in this.

Your children are hugely important to me and their safety and welfare is the priority above all else.


Best wishes


Mr Fugill