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Summer Term - Day 20

Good morning everyone!


Firstly, thank you so much for all the exciting activities and learning you have been sending in. It is lovely to see what you are all doing.


Mrs Cook will be reading James and the Giant Peach at 2pm today on Facebook. Sorry about yesterday's technical difficulties!


As I am sure you can imagine, information regarding a proposed return to school outlined by the PM is still being worked on and is still being released.

We are in the process of digesting this information and planning next steps. In light of this, I will be holding an update Q & A video session on Friday morning for parents and carers at 9.15am on Facebook. I will share with you information we have, plans we are considering and open a dialogue with you around this.


We will be setting up a questionnaire to gauge your thinking at this stage, this will inform our planning and I will share the outcomes from this with you on Friday. This will go up later today or tomorrow morning. Please do take the time to complete it as your opinions are vitally important at this time.


Keep being brilliant everyone! And thank you so much for the efforts you are putting in and your continued support.


Very best wishes 


Mr Fugill