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Summer Term - Day 13

Good Morning!


First a thank you for all the wonderful things you are all sending in - it is amazing to see how well you are all doing and how creative you and your families are being, well done all, brilliant!


I will be reading more James and the Giant Peach on Facebook at 2pm today.


A message to parents and carers:

You my have seen that Gavin Williamson the Secretary of State for Education was reported as saying that when schools start to go back, it will be a 'phased' return. 

Can I assure you that as a collective staff for both schools, we had already begun and will continue to plan how this would happen for both schools. 


There is NO return date that we are aware of at the moment and we are simply planning as to how this could be done in the safest possible way, when we get a directive from the government.

I will keep you up to date as information becomes available.


Please be assured we certainly do not anticipate opening up the schools even in a phased way in the immediate future and are awaiting government advice.


If you would find it useful, I will be doing a live video tomorrow on Facebook from 9.30am for you to post questions and I am happy to answer them, or you can email me at head@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk or head@lewannick.net and I will answer any questions in relation to this matter.


I am doing this so that we keep you fully informed with accurate information from both schools as there is a lot of unhelpful conjecture present in national and local media and through national social media posts.


Thank you all for your efforts, positivity and kind words. 


I think as two school communities, we are all doing brilliantly and I am proud of everyone.


Best wishes


Mr Fugill