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IMPORTANT - Summer Term Day 29

Good Morning!




As I am sure you are aware, in his press briefing last night, the Prime Minister gave a clear indication that he intends to ask schools to open to Pre School (Nursery), Reception and children in Years 1 and 6 from next Monday 1st June. Although it was stated that this is subject to the 5 tests still being met.


Later today on the schools websites and on Facebook, a letter outlining our plan to bring this into effect on the principles we have previously shared with you will be published. 


We hope that this information will be clear and enable you to decide if a return to school for your child is right for both you and them or not. As I have maintained throughout, this is completely your decision and we want to support you in making the right choice for you.


Neither Boyton or Lewannick School will re-open to children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the 1st of June and home learning will continue for children in all age groups who are not attending school, even those in the target years who feel it is not the right time to return.


It's a long letter and very detailed as you can imagine!


With all this in mind, this will be a very busy week for both staff at both schools. I am moving assembly to tomorrow and will confirm the time in the morning and will be doing a parent live Q and A video regarding the plan and potential returning on the Facebook page at 10am Wednesday.


I hope that all makes sense! 


Hope you have a good day and enjoy the sunshine. 


We are here to support, help and answer any anxieties or questions in any way we can.


Very best wishes


Mr Fugill