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Day 9 of Easter Holidays - update

Morning everyone!


Hope this finds you all well.


As we are heading into the Easter Weekend, there will be no Facebook assembly tomorrow, but I will be doing one at 10.30am on Tuesday.


Keep an eye out for updates as we are hoping to have a reading of Danny on Facebook today if we can sort out the technology, hopefully with a new reader!!


Just to let you know what we are looking into for moving forward with learning. The teachers and I are looking into an online classroom where children can see the teacher teaching and ask questions. 

We think this will help the children with the ongoing learning and support those of you working from home. We are unsure at the moment whether this will be a live feed or recorded, but watch this space!


Finally, before we head into Easter, I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts with you all:


- Children, parents, carers, staff, you have all been AMAZING and I am so proud to be headteacher of these schools

- The work you have been sending in has been great and I and the staff have loved seeing pictures of what you are up to

- We are all working so hard together at trying to make the best of this situation and together, we will stay positive


Lastly, I'd just like to say, stay kind, stay positive, enjoy things, laugh, say positive things to each other.


This will end, maybe not immediately and we will have to be positive, patient and keep doing our bit to help, bit it will end, we will be schools together again.


Wishing you a peaceful Easter weekend, missing you all terribly!


Look after yourselves and each other.


Mr Fugill