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Day 8 of Easter Holidays - Update


Good Morning!


Well, I can guarantee today that we will have Miss Ritchie reading Danny on the Lewannick Facebook page! Please sign up as we are having real challenges with setting up one for Boyton and a big thank you to all those parents already signed up! We have had, as I'm sure you have noticed, several technical issues, but they will be fine today!


I hope that you are finding positives in this challenging time. In my own house we have just written some family promises/rules. None of them referred to school work! We have things like:

  • Remember to be kind and that everyone is trying their best
  • Give at least 3 compliments to each other today
  • Share something you are proud of about yourself and someone else
  • Be positive
  • Be patient
  • Enjoy time as a family - it's more than we have ever had - use it well!

Now, we don't always achieve these! There are sometimes quarrels and disagreements and these are normal. They are bound to happen. Just make sure you say sorry and move on.


Most importantly, look after each other, be kind to each other and stay positive. This will end and a more 'normal' routine to life will return. We will see friends and family again and we will be a school community again.


I'm proud of each and every one of you: children, parents, carers, teachers and staff.


Take good care,


Mr Fugill