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Day 2 message from Mr Fugill

Good Morning - Day 2


I thought it would be helpful this morning to give parents and carers further ideas to try to support you with home learning. 


To stress what I said yesterday, it is about doing what you can not necessarily everything. Please don't add home work stress to the challenges of everything at the moment.


I am giving you the outline of the structure of a 'normal' school day and how this may be 'adapted' to structure the children's day accordingly. It is not an indication of what you should be doing, and if this doesn't work, PLEASE don't feel you have to follow it:


  • For Reception age children and under - follow the guidelines given by Mrs Gilman and activities and tasks are usually going to last a maximum of 15-20 minutes - please don't worry if they don't, when I'm in Butterflies Class I can only make an activity last 5 minutes! The focus is on learning through play. If you have the chance, play with them and be involved in what they are doing - if possible, please don't worry if you can't, and try to do as much in the garden as you can in this lovely weather.
  • For Year One to Year Six, the structure of the day is pretty similar across these ages. In the mornings, the children tend to do between 40 minutes and an hour each on Maths and English. This is made up of a combination of spellings, times tables, the tasks provided by the teacher and up to 30 minutes (Year 5/6) of reading. Again, please don't worry if this doesn't work - it sometimes doesn't for the teachers either! In the afternoons we do a range of topic work - however, if you can get them outside in the garden or baking or painting or doing the provided topic tasks then grreat.

In addition there are numerous things that have been set up to support online:

  • The 'Body Coach' does an online PE lesson at 9am every day
  • Keep an eye out for Edinburgh Zoo live camera feed of the animals being fed
  • There are loads of free resources out there if you search online. One the teachers use a lot is called Twinkl and this is currently free to parents and carers

Most importantly, be safe and children, please help your parents and carers, we are all doing the best we can.


Best wishes 

Mr Fugill