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Day 1 Easter Holidays - Update

Good Morning All!


Well, it is Day 1 of the Easter Holidays and I hope you will have chance to enjoy the sunshine in your gardens whilst it lasts!


Tomorrow (Tuesday), Hannah Gregory is starting to organise a bear hunt in the village. This involves people putting cuddly toys in their window and the children whilst on their daily exercise, have to find them! Sounds like a lovely idea and apparently it has been happening across different parts of the country. A big thank you to Hannah for organising this as I know the children will enjoy it!


Miss Ritchie and I are working to set up a Facebook group so that I and teachers can do live links with assemblies and stories etc. As soon as we have this set up I will announce it here. Hopefully, this will be up and running this week.


One final thing, please take the very best care of each other and keep smiling, we will be back together as a school again soon.


Mr Fugill