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A Message from Mr Fugill

Good Morning!


I am sorry that I have not written here for a while, I have been experiencing moving house during lockdown - a different experience indeed!


I wish to again take this opportunity to thank all of you and the many community members and companies who have contributed to both schools 'wish list'. We have all been truly humbled at both schools by the generosity and kindness extended to all the children and staff - thank you.


You will have received a notification yesterday regarding school uniform and September. This decision has been taken to ensure that clothes are regularly changed as this is considered (on advisement), to be a measure that can be taken to mitigate transmission of the virus. We are anticipating this will be covered in the published guidance issued by the government in the coming days and I will of course, update you fully of what is contained within that guidance relating to uniform and measures for September


I want to address the next section of this to the children who are still doing an amazing job of home learning and are not able to be in school currently. 

You are doing an incredible job.I have been so incredibly proud of you all. You may not realise it at the moment but you are doing something none of us have ever had to do before - stay at home for a long time and do home schooling. You really are showing all of us how to stay positive and keep going. You are brilliant and inspirational! 

I know it is hard too. It gets boring and difficult. I know your teachers are trying really hard with the work, but I know it is getting boring. I also know that you must be really missing your friends too. I also know that your parents and carers are trying their brilliant best to help you, but sometimes home learning can be difficult for all of you.

These are just a few of the things that I know you are coping with and getting on with. That makes you amazing. It may not always feel or seem amazing, but believe me, it is. I am so completely and utterly proud of how you are getting through this. So, feel hugely proud of yourself, give yourself a pat on the back and say 'thank you' to the parents and carers that are doing their best too.


From me to you and your parents and carers - thank you!


We will get you back into school as soon as we can, We have and would never forget about you and we miss you terribly and cannot wait to see you again.


Take care everyone.


Mr Fugill