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Learning Journeys

The Learning Journey


As soon as we meet your child, we begin to make informal assessments.  As each day passes, we begin to make further, more specific observations about their abilities, skills and progress.  These are recorded in a book called The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (Learning Journey).


Your child's Learning Journey shows their unique learning and development throughout their time spent in Butterflies Class.  Over time, it will tell a story about your child – their learning, friends and activities which they enjoy sharing with others.


It is a book that belongs to your child and we actively encourage them and their parents/carers to contribute to by providing photographs, WOW moments and comments from home. Telling us about WOW moments from home such as "trying a new food" or "using the toilet" helps us to form a clearer picture of your child’s development, so that we can plan more effectively to help continue their learning.


Practitioners watch and notice each child at play because it helps us to understand and support their individual well-being and development.  We really get to know the children as unique people with special skills, interests and ideas.  The more we understand about your child, the better we can support them in the way that is right for them.  We do this by taking short and long observations, and record any significant moments we notice in your child’s learning. We then plan ‘Next Steps’ for your child to further develop their skills. 


Photographs capture moments and sequences of your child’s activity, their interests and explorations, such as photos of models, role-play or marks they have made. Sometimes we will write down exactly what your child says about the photograph, so that we understand your child’s point of view.  This is also an accurate record of language development.