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Class 2 - Grasshoppers

Welcome to Class 2


Like all pupils at Boyton school, children in Class 2 benefit from being part of a small mixed-age class. 

Our class contains children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 and we are taught by Miss Kinver  and Mrs Morris


"I love it at Boyton because we learn a lot of things from different subjects."  - Maisie B Yr 5


" I like how the teachers help us with our learning!" - Masie C Yr 4




What are we learning about? 


This term, we are exploring the county of Brazil. 

Throughout our learning, we will be exploring where Brazil is on the map, which continent  it is in and the different tropics.      . Children will learn about deforestation and how this impacts the environment. We will be investigating states of matter in Science and learning about how states can change due to temperature. We are thrilled to have our music lessons delivered by specialist music teacher, Mr Harrison and Saints South West will be teaching us PE. Here is some of our learning in action:





How can you help your child at home? 


  • Ensure that your child is well-rested and ready to learn
  • Listen to your child read 5 times per week
  • Support your child to learn their weekly spellings
  • Help your child develop their fluency in maths by practising times tables 


Please find below some resources to support your child's learning at home. If you would like any addition support with this, please just ask! 



Reading helps children to understand the world around them as well as developing their knowledge of vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar. We would like your child to read five times a week – we know it can be tough but be creative and speak to us if you need help! It is important that children read texts that are at an appropriate level to their reading age. The books we provide from school are carefully matched to your child's level of knowledge and understanding. You can further support their comprehension by asking them questions about the plot, characters, setting and vocabulary in the text. 


" I love the new reading corner and it has lots of books I want to read with some great recommendations " Ollie Yr 5 




Please support your child to learn their weekly spellings at home. In addition to their weekly spellings, they also need to know all of the Common Exception Words for their year group before the end of the academic year. The following documents and links can be used to support your child with their spellings. 



Parent ideas for practising spellings


Help your child develop their fluency and understanding in Maths across the areas. In Class 2, we like to use Mathematical language where we can and explain what method was used. 


" I love doing practical activities in Maths as it helps me with my learning."   Max Yr 6 


Please find some useful links below to help support your child: