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Class 2 - Grasshoppers




Good Morning,


Please find the learning resources for the first week after half term!

Literacy –

Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1UsCXg9-Fk if you can’t access it it’s a short film where the world has ended and only one person remains. At the end of next week we are looking to write a poem about the world ending and you been the only one left.

Tuesday – Word banks ,

Wednesday – Alliteration / metaphors / personification

Thursday Plan your poem for next week

Science – Electricity

 French – Food

PSHE – Make a friendship note to a friend your missing – use the template

MATHS Frame has some great free games to support learning

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards Miss Kinver

Guided Reading RED / GREEN



Good Morning,


Please find the learning resources for the last week of Home Schooling before Half Term!

Literacy – Write a letter and draw a picture to David Attenborough Thanking him for all his hard work in making the planet a greener place. These will be sent to him so make it your best work!!!

Science – Life Cycle

Geography – Land use

Get  creative – Make the most impressive thing out of a paper plate or a cereal box. It doesn’t have to be related to the topic you can make whatever you want. PLEASE SEND IN PHOTOS

MATHS Frame has some great free games to support learning

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards Miss Kinver



Good Morning,


Please find the learning resources for the fifth week of Home Schooling!

Literacy – By the end of the week you should have written 3 paragraphs for David Attenborough’s Biography. Use your plan we made on Thursday and write in detail.

Science – Tooth Decay!

History – Nelson Mandala – Time line and fact sheet 

PSHE- Gratitude jar, if you want to use an actual jar and make things to go in it that would be great!!


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards Miss Kinver




Purple Spellings

Blue spellings

Green Spellings



Good Morning,


Please find the learning resources for the fourth week of Home Schooling!

Literacy –

Tuesday – Features of a Biography ( Roald Dahl ) Look at the features used/ what is it/ who writes it.

Wednesday – David Attenborough Questions – what does he do/ where was he born

Thursday – Titles / subtitles / layout / plan your layout for writing next week. Research your questions – answers.

Geography – Key Work – Make a plan of either school or your house using keys

Art – Draw / create a portrait of an animal – take care to include the detail. This can be pencil drawing, crayons, pencils, collage, recycled materials.



Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards Miss Kinver





Good Morning,


Please find the learning resources for the third week of Home Schooling!

Literacy – Write your own version of the story of Mary Anning – Write a paragraph a day. IMPRESS ME WITH VOCABUALRY AND US EA RANGE OF PUNCTUATION. Please join up your handwriting!

Science – Digestive system

R.E – Act out the story then put it into a story board with pictures and a sentence about what is happening in each part.

French – PETS


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards Miss Kinver


Horrible Histories - History of the Orchestra



Good Morning,


Please find the learning resources for the second week of Home Schooling!


DT – Design an outfit from the Regency era

Geography – Map where you live


Literacy – Lesson 1 STONE GIRL BONE GIRL STORY  – Re-write your own fronted adverbials for the first three paragraphs- you can use words and ideas but can’t copy the text.

Lesson 2 – SEMI COLONS – Have a read through the story can you spot any SEMI COLONS? Have a go at writing your own for paragraphs 4/5. Remember it is two simple sentences that are connected by a semi colon like a FANBOY.

Lesson 3- Sub-ordinating Conjunctions – Use the last part of the story to write COMPLEX sentences using the conjunctions on the list.


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Kind Regards Miss Kinver



Good Morning, 


Hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year! 


In the current situation, we are back to remote learning. 


LITERACY - Tuesday - Story Map/ Acting the story 

                   - Wednesday - Rewrite the story in a comic strip 

                  - Thursday - Make a scene from the story, using anything you can find. 


HISTORY - Make a poster about Facts from Martin Lurther King ( fact sheet below) 


Please find the resources below. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask - tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk 


Many Thanks Miss Kinver





Good Morning, 


This week lots of outdoor learning activities  and challenges to choose from - please send lots of photos in. 




Many Thanks Miss Kinver 




Good Morning Class 2! 


Well done to those children that are working hard and sending work in your doing BRILLIANTLY!!


Please keep going in these strange times. 


Great to see children on the Zoom classes its always great seeing you.


If you have any questions please email tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk 


Have a great week! 


Many Thanks Miss Kinver 

Music - Free Music Video Game Summer School 


Check out this fantastic offer of fully funded places on the Conductive Music online Musical Video Game summer school!   They have 50 fully funded places available (normally £30 each) for young people aged 9-13, living in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly.  The online sessions will take place at 11.00 daily on 27th - 31st July. 

To register, go to -




Mr Harrison



Good Morning Class 2!!


Thank you to those children that attended Zoom lessons last week- hopefully see a few more faces this week. 


Below is the home learning packs. 


Please keep sending in work and taking photos. 


If any questions please get in contact. 




Many Thanks Miss Kinver 



Click on the link below for some fantastic music making experiments from Google.  Check out the Song Maker experiment, which lets you make and share your own songs.





GOOD MORNING class 2, 


This week we are off to CANADA!!! 


I have really enjoyed looking through you work and photos that you have sent in. 


Please look out for Zoom meetings invites as we are doing Maths this week. 


Once again, if you have questions please don't hestitate to get in contact. 




Have a great week! 


Kind regards Miss Kinver 



Good Morning Class 2, 


Hope you enjoyed half term and being getting  outside. 


Please find below this weeks learning. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get into contact tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk


Keep sending me pictures and your work as love seeing what you have been up to 


Many Thanks Miss Kinver 



Good Morning Class 2 hope you are well. 


As you might have seen on Facebook, we aren't doing learning packs this week. 


We are doing a CHALLENGE WEEK where you can pick as many to do as you like- please have a look at the poster below.


I have also attached some learning links if you would like to play some interactive learning games. 


As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact. tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk 


Many Thanks Miss Kinver 



Where's Mr Harrison? - One Day More

Hi everyone. Here is a project that I have been involved in. Many of my musician friends are playing in it, but most of these people I have never met before. Everyone is from Cornwall though. We all recorded our parts separately and then they were put together by a team of 4 people. It took them ages. I think the result is pretty good though. What do you think? This song is from the musical Les Miserables. Can you spot me? (I'm not playing the piano, I'm playing one of my other instruments).
Mr Harrison

Learning Links for Challenge Week



Good Morning Class 2, hope you have had a great weekend and enjoyed VE day and the sunshine. 


This week we are going to LONDON as our capital city. 


Please keep sending in photo or work and what you have been doing as I love to see them all. 




Have a great week - Miss Kinver 

Mr Harrison's 7's challenge

Still image for this video

1.Hands down

2.Hands down, clap.

3.Hands down, clap, snap

4.Hands down, cross hands, hands down, clap, snap, clap, down.

For an extension when you get to the end, try and carry on but do the pattern in reverse order



Good Morning Class 2, 


This week we are going to JAPAN!!!! 


I have sent out a Zoom invite for a class chat for Thursday. 


Please let me know if you have any problems with this. I have loved receiving photos and emails about how the the children are getting on please keep sending them in. 




Have a great week Miss Kinver 

Mr Harrison's Japanese Musical Challenge

Still image for this video
A short video for you to view, to take part in a Japanese composition project.



Morning Class 2, 


Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine. 


This week our country is AUSTRALIA.  



Please keep emailing and sending in photos of your work as love seeing what you have got up to. 




Many Thanks Miss Kinver 

Guided reading YR 3/4



Hey Class 2!! Hope you are all doing OK? 


I have been delighted to see the number of packs being picked up from school and children are really engaging in the learning. Thank you to parents that have sent in pictures and examples of work, keep sending them in as love seeing what everyone has been up to. 


This week we are off to Greece and Ancient Greece as our theme. 


BBC Bitesize have released daily learning - some great resources, including David Attenborough teaching Geography!!1


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get into contact tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk


Have a great week! Many Thanks Miss Kinver 



R. E resources




Good Morning Class 2! Hope you have enjoyed your Easter Break as much as possible in these difficult times. 


The current topic for this term is OUR AMAZING WORLD - each week we will be focusing on a different city / country /continent -this week is BRAZIL and the RAINFOREST. So enjoy finding out as much as you can. The grid is a minimum if you would like to add your own activities or projects please do so and I look forward to photos/ reading/ looking at them all, we can display on the website for all to see!!


I have uploaded work for this week. I suggest looking at the Daily routine to give you an overview of what a day could look like . This is just a guide don't panic if you don't follow it exactly! The topic map and Maths give you links to click on to help you get to the correct website. 


Maths - We are using WHITE ROSE (which we do in school) however, they have provided some great resources for Home Learning, with a video, worksheet and answer sheets to help aid the children and support the parents as much as possible.


English - On the map there is a daily English lesson based on the Great Kapox Tree story - this is your time to be as creative as possible and by the end of the week we should have your own version of a RAINFOREST  story. 


Guided Reading - If you focus on one skill per day ( the children should know what to do) 


We have made packs and placed in the quite shed to be picked up from today,for people who do not have access to the internet. Please take photos/email or drop off the children's work back in the named polly pocket by Monday 20th April in the quite shed. Every Monday they gate will be open to drop off/collect new work. 


If you have any questions or worries  please don't hesitate to contact me on tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk and I will happily get back to you. 


Keep your selves safe and enjoy this time with your family. 


Many Thanks Miss Kinver  



BBC Ten Pieces

  • Composition Project & Listening Task for Key Stage 2


Alongside teaching about three of the musical elements (rhythm, melody, dynamics), the video involves listening to some short classical pieces played by a professional orchestra, together with some interesting music history information. There are worksheets to download (and send as PDFs) on the website.


Also, if anyone wants access to Charanga, an online learning platform (which we use in school) please drop Mr Harrison an email on matt@bigbangmusic.co.uk and I can set you up with an individual account.


Many thanks

Mr Harrison

CURRICULUM MAP - Please use this as this weeks guide following the links to help you!!! MATHS - has been labelled in your coloured groups click on the link to direct you to White rose home learning where you will find a video, work sheet and answers.

TIMES TABLES - PLEASE TEST (if the child wins a band please email me )

GUIDED READING GROUP 3-4 (They should know their groups)



If your child is away at the moment and you would like some work please phone the office and a time will be arranged for work to be picked up, please only enter the school if you DON'T have any symptoms.


I have up loaded work for next week if the school closes- 23/3/20  Please use the correct year groups. ( If we are still closed after Easter please use their group colours, which they know). 


Please email evidence - photos, work, etc. to tamsyn.kinver@boyton.cornwall.sch.uk, where I will respond with an email and some feedback. 


Regarding the interactive pages I have uploaded, if you click on the title or day it will automatically take you to the page for some extra work. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.  Many Thanks Miss. Kinver 

Treyarnon Bay school camp 2019! All the children have had a fantastic week!

Outdoor Learning, The children had to complete maths challenges and problem solving on the field in partners.

The children in Class 2 have immersed themselves in the Literacy topic

Sky Song.

A gripping story that the children are reading as a class.

The staff have also enjoyed the story and have transformed the

classroom into a Frozen Kingdom. 

The children have enjoyed acting out the topic story, Sky Song.

Stunning Starter

Arctic Expedition




Stunning Starter- Arctic Expedition.The children have had a great morning being Arctic Explorers,finding equipment that they would need for a trip to the arctic.

Class 2 had a great time camping last weekend, games bbq and campfires. 

Here is what we are up to this term- look out for canvas paintings, knitting poppies and fridge magnets


The children have been working hard on the WW1 topic, the Class display board is looking fantastic.

The Space Dome came into school today. The children enjoyed a presentation inside the dome about WW1.

Stunning Starter fun

Lots of Harry Potter based learning

Medium Term Planning and Homework Grid

Welcome back to school, the children have had a busy start to 2018. Firstly, receiving the post and invitation to enter Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry to them having a stunning start, where they were sorted into houses. They had the opportunity to make their own quills, use magic to blow up balloons, make butter beer of there very own and to design their own logo. 

Our Literacy Wall

Some amazing homework is been handed in

Welcome back to the new year! Our new topic this term is 'Rainforest' and we are getting stuck into learning. The children have been given their homework sheets... enjoy!! I don't want homework to be a battle - the main priorities are reading, times tables and spellings. Thank you! 

Please find attached the medium term planning, homework grid and story Class 2 are learning this term! Keep your eyes peeled for children's work and videos.

We are starting Wildtribe again every Tuesday morning!!

Please can children bring old warm clothes and wellies. 

Some of the clay sea creature models that they have made.


We kicked off Science week with a day of investigations. Children choose a question they wanted to investigate and set up an experiment around evaporation! 

Great group work, predictions, measuring and fun was had!! 


We then had our AMAZING trip to  Plymouth Aquarium - where all the children took part in workshops and had a look around tthe aquarium!! The workshops included making a sub-marine out of different materials, using the morse code to work out codes and to use a claw to pick out different elements, a guided tour of the aquarium and mapping the sea. We had a fun- filled and enjoyable day. What was your favourite part? 

Some of the amazing creatures we saw! What was your favourite?

Children working out how to do their investigations

Some of the children's examples of their persausive posters!

Ocean Pollution - Save Our Marine Life

Every year, millions of marine mammals die, because of what we put into the oceans. When you pick up a piece of plastic off the beach, you could be saving a whale. Why not save a life every time? We have used this powerful video to help make persuasive posters to stop littering our oceans

In Science we have been looking at 'Changing States'. Can you tell the difference between a liquid, solid and gas? What have we been investigating?

Our classroom is filled with the children's work!

We have had some amazing homework in from class2 - THERE IS STILL TIME as we are continuing the Oceanopolis theme next half term

OUR NEW TOPIC IS OCEANOPOLIS - We are going to learn about oceans around the world and who/ and what lives there. 



This is some of the writing produced during SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) sessions at the end of the terms unit of work for some of our children. 

They have been working on using the following techniques:

  • Fronted adverbials
  • Brackets to add extra detail to the subject within a sentence
  • Semi colons, dashes and commas to separate clauses
  • Causal connectives
  • Adventurous Vocabulary

Their end of term assessment piece was to write a description setting imagining they were in the scene in the picture. They had to use as many of the taught techniques as they could. Here are two examples, how do you think they did? Can you spot the techniques in their writing?


'The trees branches were bony like fingers, the mottled bark was peeling off along the complete length of its trunk. Like a frantic force of nature, the wind was howling in the moonlight as shards of lightning struck the stone cold floor. Tall and imposing, the house stood with broken windows  revealing it to be abandoned. All of the many planks of wood (providing the buildings structure), were damaged in some kind of way. Due to the fact that it was a graveyard, the ancient, abandoned tower had the appropriately grotty and old clock; I believed it would never keep time again. Surrounding the building, every tree was bare, with moody, anxious crows squaking at me. There were many floors and concrete steps. The old, oak door now stood only a few steps away from me. No turning back now, I moved towards it - my heart racing...' Year 6


'Here I was standing by an old and withered tree; naked - meaning no leaves at all. All I could see was grey; grey grass, grey leaves, grey trees. I raised my eyes up. In front of me I saw a grey, bashed, haunted and creepy house - it was almost swaying as the wind blew. With my heart rate getting faster and faster, I looked towards the graves that were there. They appeared crushed, broken, dirty...... alive? I hated this place!' Year 4 




Our topic this term is World War 2- 


Do you know who these famous people are? 






This is what we are covering this term!

In Science we are looking at Light and Dark! Children carried out their own experiments.

Good team work and communication is very important in our class. How did your structure get on?

What types of extreme weather can you think of for our new topic?

Class 2 - Extreme Weather Topic - September 2015

Class 2 Hit the Surf!

Still image for this video
On Thursday 2nd July, children in class 2 who could swim 25m, were invited to attend the Hit the Surf event with Bude RNLI!
Check out the video of our morning!

Treyarnon Bay Residential June 2015

Mr Fugill's Family Maths Challenge!

So... Here is the challenge for you and your parents/carers...

How much does your evening meal cost per person on each night of the week?

Which meal is your most EXPENSIVE per person?

Which meal is you LEAST EXPENSIVE per person?

Hand your answers in to Mr. Fugill, showing your calculations you used to find the answer!

PE this Term - Athletics & Striking and Fielding!

Don't forget PE kits for Monday and Wednesday! We will be entering a number of rounders and cricket matches and we will be entering the Launceston Athletics Tournament! Remember, it's all about taking part, giving 100% and enjoying it!!

The Perfect Pupil!

We will be spending a lot of time thinking about how we can be the 'perfect pupil' as part of our work on self motivation and self respect. We will think about what learning behaviours we need to demonstrate to show we are the best learner we can be. We will be making sculptures of the 'perfect pupil' for the entrance hall and will be writing about the qualities they have.

What would you put in as ingredients for the perfect pupil and the perfect learner?

Calling ALL explorers!!

Our topic for Summer Term is...

The Explorers!!!

We will be finding all about famous explorers, how they planned their expeditions and what impact they had when they returned to their home countries.

We will also have to plan our own expeditions! 

What famous explorers can you think of?

On this section of our class page, you will find examples of our written work that we wanted to share with you.


Hope you enjoy reading our writing!!smiley