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Class 1 - Dragonflies

Week 12 – Monday 6th July – Friday 10th July


Hello Parents/Carers and children!


We hope that you have all had a good week!  Here is the learning set out for week 12 – as before, please email us with any questions and queries.


We want to say once again, please do not worry about completing every piece of work – do what you can and when you can.


Also - children, you will receive bucket points for all work completed - we will be having rewards once everyone is back at school!



Click on the link below for some fantastic music making experiments from Google.  Check out the Song Maker experiment, which lets you make and share your own songs.




Also another Where's Mr Harrison?  Can you spot him in this video?  



Suggested daily timetable/routine

Take part in P.E with Joe Wicks/Oti Mabuse dance routine/Jumpstart Jonny!



Don’t forget to do the test on a Friday and let us know what you got!  Sheets are all in the packs.


Group 1 – Red

dancer, danced, dancing, player, played, playing, what, they


Group 2 – Green

everybody, beautiful, through, thought, father, mother, people, caught


Group 3 – Blue

grammar, group, guard, guide, heard, heart, height, history, imagine, increase


Group 4 – Purple learners - please look at Miss Kinver’s spellings and Guided reading for the group you are in in her class. 




For Year 1s and some Year 2s – have a look at the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc site link below. 

We have added an extra ‘Oxford Owl’ one this week which is really useful, they have free ebooks for all ages. All you need to do is create your own log in and it is completely free!



Literacy - This week we will be writing our stories with the changes we made last week. There is a lot of guidance for you this week to assist with the writing skills and imagination so please refer to the sheets in your packs and your boxing up sheets from last week. Should you need any further assistance please do in get in touch before Thursday zoom session. I am looking forward to hearing your story’s then!




Maths starters – check out these links below to try out some of the warm up mental maths starters/games for 10 minutes or so!




Main Maths –

We are now using a slightly different resource for our Maths learning.  We will be following Classroom Secrets which is similar topics but you will notice the worksheets and problems are set out a little differently.



This week’s topic is for each group.

Red – Time problem solving and consolidation of learning.

Green – Litres and temperature problem solving and consolidation of learning.

Blue – Litres and temperature problem solving and consolidation of learning

Purple – Comparing, adding and subtracting mass and fractions - problem solving and consolidation of learning


We also have another resource for Maths to use which is called ‘Third Space Learning’ which they are offering free sign up for if any parents are interested.  Here is the link if you wanted to check it out! 




We will be using it in future weeks for Maths at times.


Maths Ninja!  Please let us know if you win a band!

The link for timestables generator sheets is below – you simply select the timestables, the number of questions and then select just x or x and ÷.  Sheets are in the packs too.  We usually do the test every Friday morning and they get 5 minutes except on black band – 6 minutes.  .

Green – 2, 5, 10 timestables – 20 questions – just multiplication

Purple – 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 timestables – 30 questions – just multiplication

Pink – 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7 timestables – 40 questions – just multiplication

Orange – 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 – 60 questions – multiplication and division.

Dark Blue – All timestables! 80 questions – multiplication and division.

Black – All timestables! 99 questions - multiplication and division.


Guided Reading texts - follow the link below - note different levels of text and questions to work through. Children who go up to Miss Kinver for Guided Reading, please look at Class 2 page and find resources for your group.


There are 4 lessons here to work through during the week - this includes a Music lesson above set by Mr Harrison. 

Topic work is by year groups rather than colour groups – Y1, 2, 3.  Year 3s (and others!) feel free to also look at the topic work on Class 2’s page!



Christianity – Story telling Do you like stories? What kind of stories do you like, fantasy, or a story that helps you learn something, or an adventure? Discuss with your parent or carer about the stories you read now and what stories they may have read, or read to them, when they were growing up. Are they the same stories? Are there any other stories that you have shared with friends or in school that you have particularly enjoyed? Please see sheet for additional information.

Science - This week we are going to continue to explore the human body and our senses. Year 1 and Year 2 – Senses Please complete worksheet. Year 3 – Skeleton The functions and different joints. Please see worksheet

History - Year 1 and 2 – Finding out about the history of a toy. Year 3 – Ancient Egyptians. Mummification model.

Where's Mr Harrison? - One Day More

Hi everyone. Here is a project that I have been involved in. Many of my musician friends are playing in it, but most of these people I have never met before. Everyone is from Cornwall though. We all recorded our parts separately and then they were put together by a team of 4 people. It took them ages. I think the result is pretty good though. What do you think? This song is from the musical Les Miserables. Can you spot me? (I'm not playing the piano, I'm playing one of my other instruments)

Mr Harrison's Rainbow Rhythms

Still image for this video



Like we have always said, any questions, please email, no question too small or silly! Remember, as well as sending us completed work and photos, there will be other things you are doing at home that are equally as important and we would love to hear about this too.  Keep safe and well everyone, we are missing you all!  Hopefully we will all be back together at school soon.


Best wishes,

Miss Ritchie and Mrs Volz.


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