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Autumn Term 2021




Welcome back to the Autumn term!


Our topic this term is "Welcome to OUR world!"  We will be learning all about the world around us - who is special to us, how we are all different and exploring how our world has changed from as far back as dinosaur times!


We have a lot of exciting things planned, so please remember to look here regularly to see what we have been learning!



Please take a look at our topic map below and the photos of some of our learning each week!


Many thanks,

Mrs Gilman smiley


Autumn Term 2021 Learning Map and Knowledge Organiser:

Our learning this term...

Terry the T-Rex's Selfies!

Terry the T-Rex sent us an email with lots of selfies which he'd taken when he was exploring our school!  He also wrote us an enormous letter to tell us that he'd left behind his pencil, mobile phone and dinosaur book.  We searched our school for his things and we found them in the hall and in Mrs Mabbley's kitchen! We were amazed at how much bigger Terry's things were than ours!

What Terry left behind...


Terry the T-Rex wrote us an enormous letter to ask if we could look for his pencil, dinosaur book and his mobile phone.  He said that he had left them behind when he had been exploring our school! 

We searched our school and eventually found his things in the hall and Mrs Mabbley's kitchen. 

Look how big everything is!  We talked about how Terry's things are much bigger than ours!




Summer Term 2021

Keeping cool in the pool!

Some of our learning this term:




Spring Term 2021

A letter from the Easter Bunny...


Mrs Edgcombe brought us a "Special Delivery" letter from the Easter Bunny this morning - have a look at the photos of us reading the letter and us on our Easter Egg Hunt!  We had a brilliant time!

Please take a look at some of our spring term learning!

Photos of this term's Home Learning


Well done to everyone who has been learning from home again this term - you have all done brilliantly!


Please have a look at some of the exciting activities that you have taken part in at home, and remember to keep emailing your photos to me!  Thank you smiley



Previous spring term home learning:


Week 8

Wednesday - Printing with 3-D Shapes


Our phonics sessions will take place on Monday and Friday mornings at 9.30am and Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm this week.

We will be focusing on our knowledge of the Set 1 and Set 2 sounds, building words with the help of Fred Frog, counting sounds and writing words with these sounds.

We will also be reading our 'red' or 'tricky' words - please see the video below for some help with this!


Red Words - Set 1 and 2 Revision




Spring Term Topic (Reception and Nursery)

Transport of the Past, Present and Future

Week 7 (22nd - 26th February)



Monday - Counting Back from 10 - Ten in a Bed

Please watch the video below and then complete Monday's activity from your Home Learning Pack.

Tuesday - ZOOM Lesson - 2.30pm - Comparing Numbers within 10

Wednesday - Comparing Numbers Within 10

Please watch the video below and then complete Wednesday's maths activity from your Home Learning Pack.

Thursday - ZOOM Lesson - 2.30pm - Making 10

Friday - Making 10

Please watch the video below and then complete the activity from your Home Learning Pack.


We will be refreshing our knowledge of the Set 1 and Set 2 sounds this week, as well as moving ahead with our Set 3 sounds. 

Our Phonics Zoom sessions will take place on Wednesday at 2.30pm and Friday at 9.30am this week.


Please have a look at the video below (the first two minutes only - up to the oy sound) and then write some words with those sounds on a whiteboard or piece of paper.  See if you can find anything around you with the Set 2 sounds in them (e.g. tree. car, light etc.)

Set 3 Sounds Activities

RWI Set 2 Sounds (the first 2 minutes only)

Week 6 Reception Zoom Meetings
Week 6 - Reception Home Learning Pack


Book of the Week...

Jasper's Beanstalk

Watch the video below and then answer the questions!

Week 6 - Nursery Home Learning Pack

Weeks 4, 5 and 6 - Nursery Home Learning Pack

Please have a look through the following ideas to keep you busy over the next few weeks!

Remember to email me any photos of you completing the tasks please, or you can leave any completed learning that you have in our class box in the school foyer.  Thank you!

Number Bonds to 10 - A Rhyme!

We are learning about how transport has changed over the years.  Watch the video below and draw a picture of a vehicle from the past, present and how it might look in the future!  You could choose a car, bicycle, motorbike, bus, train, aeroplane or rocket! 

You may use the sheet from the learning pack, or your own paper.  You can use books or the internet to get some more ideas. Think about how your vehicle has changed and how it might be different in years to come!

You could try making a model out of junk too!


Please email me a photo of your pictures or leave them with your completed packs in the school foyer - thank you!



Week 5 Reception Zoom Meetings
Week 5 - Reception Home Learning Pack
Week 5 - Nursery Home Learning Pack

Nursery Phonics - Environmental Sounds

Listen to the sounds below and see if you can guess what they are!


Music with Mr Harrison

Still image for this video

An introduction to The Little Train of the Caipira (Heitor Villa Lobos) | Ten Pieces | BBC Teach

Naomi Wilkinson explores The Little Train of the Caipira by Heitor Villa Lobos. This piece is packed full of the bustling sounds of Brazil - it's folk music ...




Week 4 Reception Zoom Meetings
Week 4 - Reception Home Learning Pack
Week 4 - Nursery Home Learning Pack
Week 3 Reception Zoom Meetings - Maths Resources
Week 3 Reception Home Learning Pack
Week 3 Nursery Home Learning Pack
Parent video: How to say the sounds that we are learning:

Cbeebies - BBC iPlayer

There are plenty of learning opportunities for your children on Cbeebies.

Number Blocks are a great place to learn maths as well as many other programmes - take a look here:


Week 2 Reception Zoom Meetings - Maths Resources
Week 2 Reception Home Learning Pack



Week 2 Nursery Home Learning Pack



Find lots of online reading and maths to do at home with your child here:

Online Maths Lessons (White Rose Maths) 

Please have a look at these lessons, which will give you an idea of what your Reception child would be learning at school through our continuous provision.



If you require any additional information, please get in touch with me by email:




Please remember to check the Lewannick and Boyton Schools' Facebook page for updates and scroll down this page for additional information.



Thank you.


Mrs Gilman smiley






Week 1 Reception Zoom Meeting Resources

Week 1 Reception Home Learning Pack


Your Learning pack for this week includes the maths resources that you will need to have with you for our Zoom meetings as follows:

  • Tuesday 5th January at 9.30am – Where is Zero?
  • Wednesday 6th January at 9.30am – Problem Solving – Sheet 1
  • Thursday 7th January at 9.30am - Problem Solving – Sheet 2
  • Friday 8th January at 9.30am - Problem Solving – Sheet 3


You will need some resources that you can easily count for our problem solving sessions please, such as pieces of pasta, buttons, raisins or sweets etc.

There is a maths challenge sheet that you are welcome to complete in your own time (All About the Number Zero), as well as some other activities to keep you busy! Please let me know which ones you have completed!





Week 1 Nursery Home Learning Pack


Please let me know which ones you have completed!



This term's learning:

This term we will be following the school topic of "Past, Present and Future".  We will learn about how transport has changed since the days when wheels were first invented, to the invention of cars, steam engines and aeroplanes, right up to the present time of high-speed trains, jet airliners and space rockets.  We will also travel into the future and design our own vehicles to transport us anywhere we like! Where will your vehicle take us...?


Please click on the link below to see some of the activities that we will be doing...




Autumn Term 2020

Our learning theme for the autumn term 2020 was "Super Scientists!"

We used our five senses to explore the world around us and learned how science is used everywhere.

We have learned a lot this term:


       magnetic materials     pushes and pulls (forces)


   making magic potions     the life cycle of a butterfly


moving water from one place to another

(using different containers, pipes and tubes)


the water cycle    how vegetables grow


              changing states of materials

                    (solids, liquids and gases)

               the life-cycle of a frog



Nursery Rhyme Week

We took part in the National Nursery Rhyme Week 2020 and sang a different nursery rhyme each day:


Monday: Wheels on the Bus

Tuesday: Five Little Speckled Frogs

Wednesday: Hickory Dickory Dock

Thursday: Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Friday: Miss Polly Had a Dolly


Each day we sang a nursery rhyme together and did lots of different activities that were linked to each nursery rhyme!  We made our own bus, learnt about the life cycle of a frog, learnt to tell the time (o'clock and half past), designed and printed our own farms on the iPad and pretended that we were doctors to look after Miss Polly's dolly!

Our Harvest Festival


We have been learning about how and where vegetables grow and we made our own vegetables.  We sang "Old MacDonald" (we changed the lyrics) to our parents and carers via Zoom to celebrate Harvest together! 

We also peeled, chopped and cooked vegetables to make a delicious vegetable soup and finished off the day making hand-print autumn trees!

Our Harvest Song

Old MacDonald had a farm,


And on that farm he grew some carrots, 


With a crunch, crunch here and a crunch, crunch there,

Here a crunch, there a crunch,

Everywhere a crunch, crunch!


Old MacDonald had a farm,


And on that farm he grew some potatoes,


With a mash, mash here and a mash, mash there,

Here a mash, there a mash,

Everywhere a mash, mash!


Old MacDonald had a farm,


And on that farm he grew some onions,


With a cry, cry here and a cry, cry there,

Here a cry, there a cry,

Everywhere a cry, cry!


Old MacDonald had a farm,


And on that farm he grew some cauliflowers,


With a munch, munch here and a munch, munch there,

Here a munch, there a munch,

Everywhere a munch, munch!


Old MacDonald had a farm,


And on that farm he grew some peas,


With a pop, pop here and a pop, pop there,

Here a pop, there a pop,

Everywhere a pop, pop!


Old MacDonald had a farm,


And on that farm he grew some pumpkins,


With a scoop, scoop here and a scoop, scoop there,

Here a scoop, there a scoop,

Everywhere a scoop, scoop!

Old MacDonald had a farm,





Push and Pull Song - A simple, fun song for children explaining pushes and pulls!

Be a "Soaper Hero"!

Join Jaime for a special yoga adventure all about learning to wash our hands properly - made in partnership with our friends at Safeguard, a soap and hygiene...

A New Way into Our Classroom!

Still image for this video
A video to show you the new way into our classroom from the 7th of September 2020. For those of you that returned to school and nursery in June, we will be using the same entrance for both drop-off and pick-up times.
Please note that children in Reception will come in to school at 8.50am and will finish at 3.15pm. Our Nursery morning drop-off time is 9am and pick-up time is 12pm. If your child stays at Nursery all day, our pick-up time is 3pm. Please ensure that you arrive promptly at these times to enable safe social distancing between all classes and their parents/carers. Thank you.
We are very excited to see you all after such a long time!
Staying healthy...

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark!

Baby Shark's handwashing song to encourage good hygiene to stay healthy.

Mr Tumble's Brush Your Teeth Song

It's time to brush your teeth and keep them clean TWICE a day! Mr Tumble from Something Special has the best song to help you keep your teeth clean. Having t...

Music - A Keelie

Still image for this video
Mr Harrison teaches Butterflies a traditional song from Ghana called "A Keelie". It's a real ear worm.
Activity ideas for everyone!


Nursery Mark Making (writing)

Please continue to encourage your child to make lots of marks using a variety of materials, e.g. pens, pencils, chalks, paints, sticks in mud or sand, cotton buds with water, sticks in the air, their fingers in sand/mud/glitter etc. I have included a simple diary idea in this pack for the next week and will put one into each pack on a weekly basis. Your child could draw a picture in the box on each day and you could write what they describe. They could try writing their own words if they can! Please remember to date each diary entry!





Please continue to support your child's reading by listening to them read their Ditty Books and by sharing a book together each day.  By using the Oxford Owl Reading link below, you can select a book for your child to read.  If you need advice on what book your child should be reading, please ask me via email.  Please continue to record what your child reads in their reading record - thank you.

Please encourage them to sound out any letters that they may see in every day activities too, e.g. food labels, shop names, road signs etc.



Please read to your child every day and encourage them to predict what might happen next, or describe how a character might be feeling and why.  See if they can recognise familiar words such as their own name and advertising logos. 




Reception - we are currently learning the Set 1 sounds from the Read, Write, Inc. Phonics Programme.  Please encourage your child to say each sound aloud every day. 


We will be starting with these sounds:


                                  m   a   s   t   d


Nursery - 

We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme for our nursery children, leading on to the Read, Write, Inc. Phonics Programme's Set 1 Sounds in the summer term before they start school.  Letters and Sounds are based on developing your child's listening and speaking skills through activities which are divided into seven aspects: environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and finally oral blending and segmenting.  Many of these skills are learnt through everyday play, as well as speaking and listening activities, singing songs and nursery rhymes, reading stories and through role play.


It's important for nursery aged children to hear as many different sounds as possible and to be able to recognise and imitate these sounds, as well as having language modelled to them in a clear way at all times.  Sharing stories with repetitive language such as "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and singing songs such as "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" or "The Wheels on the Bus" will greatly benefit your child's language development.


You could try the following activities to help your children to develop their listening and speaking skills:


  •  Go on a 'listening walk' and talk about the different sounds that you have heard when you get home.
  •  Drum on different surfaces and talk about how the sounds change.
  •  Make your own shakers with different objects (rice, dried peas, beads etc.) and make loud or quiet sounds.
  •  Sing songs and nursery rhymes and clap/jump/stomp rhythms.
  •  Clap out the syllables of words or names of your family and friends' names.
  •  Play I Spy games with the initial sounds of words (use the letter sound rather than its name, e.g. 'a' as in apple rather than 'ay')
  •  Match objects that start with the same sound e.g. socks, sausages, snakes, stones etc.  Children could make their own sound bags for the first group of the Set 1 sounds (m, a, s, d and t).
  •  Break down words into each sound e.g. "Would you like some m - i - l - k?" and allow your child to work out what you are saying.
Online Phonics Resources
Reading Together
General Learning

Keeping Active!

Your children love keeping fit with Jump Start Jonny and Cosmic Yoga!