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Assemblies at Boyton - an overview

Assemblies at Boyton - Collective Worship

Assemblies at Boyton are broadly Christian in nature, with all assemblies incorporating an opportunity for children to reflect quietly on the content of the session. 

Every day (between 9am and 9.15am Mon-Thur and 3pm Friday}, there is an opportunity for the children to come together as a school community and share in each others views, beliefs and successes. Outlined below is an overview of what the theme for each assembly is on each day of the week. If you require further information about any of the details below, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Monday - Values Assembly - led by Miss Ritchie - a target value and/or behaviour is identified for the week ahead.


Tuesday - Children's Assembly - Led by Miss Ritchie where the children have a lead role too in which they share an aspect of their interests or achievements out of school. Children of all ages take assembly and there is an opportunity to ask questions and respond which helps enhance the children's speaking and listening skills. Parents and family of the child giving the assembly are invited in to watch and share the experience.


Wednesday - Whole School Assembly - Led by Miss Ritchie or invited speaker - these assemblies focus on Christian beliefs and values, as well as having an overall moral and spiritual focus.


Thursday - Whole School Assembly - Led by Mr Fugill - with a focus on a wide range of moral, spiritual and cultural issues.


Friday - Celebration Assembly - Led by Mr. Fugill -  We award Star of the Week award for children in Class 1 and 2. This can be for great work, new learning, perseverance and meeting a challenge or great community behaviour and kindness. Playground Star is awarded for children spotted by the SMSAs demonstrating fantastic playground behaviour and good community behaviour. Star Spellers are celebrate for those who get all their spellings for the week correct in Friday tests and Reading Challenge certificate and book tokens are given out for children who have been heard read by an adult over a certain number of times. Finally, our cook Mrs. Mabbley, awards the Mrs. Mabbley Manners Award for children who have displayed exceptional manners at lunch time over the week. We then award our core value ethos champions badges and grade the school on a target behaviour focus for the week.


We believe strongly that assemblies are an important part of the education of the children at Boyton and is essential to develop a strong sense of community.